3d warehouse Failed to render... but not?


I’ve been uploading a model several times but it continuously fails to render. That disables the 3d viewer, which is a bit of a let-down.

The model in question is: Medieval covered marketplace | 3D Warehouse

What’s odd is that I can actually get 3d Warehouse to display the 3d model


When you’re on the model page, click the “embed button”. From the pop-up take just the part with the URL of the model (that’s the part after “src=”). Pasting that into the browser will show an image and once you click on it you’ll get to the usual render (in full-screen no less).

So what is really failing here? I’m not following. It looks to me like there’s not a rendering failure as much as it’s something else.

Looks like I’m not quite hitting an audience with my question here.
What can I do to improve?

I’m not sure why nobody replied to your post! It seems a clear enough topic.

I have tried setting the model to render again. If it still fails, @TheGuz may be able to get someone to check into what is going wrong.

Thanks @colin. I’ll check back on the file in a bit.

Check now, it seems to have rendered.

Thanks @colin
It does seem like it, for anyone that’s not (me) logged in.
I’ve tried logging out and back in, no change. A bit of an odd behaviour wouldn’t you say?

  • Top Left: Me Safari, logged in.
  • Top Right: Safari private session, not logged in
  • Bottom Left: Chrome, not logged in
  • Bottom Right: Firefox, not logged in.

You could try empty caches in Safari, command-option-e

Hi @colin,

No dice. I tried with a different computer, cleared chaches, browsing history, everything.
Once logged in I still get the “Failed to render” message.

Testedon MacOS with:

  • Chrome: Version 106.0.5249.119 (Official Build) (arm64)
  • Safari: Version 15.4 (17613.

Test steps:

  • Clear caches, history, cookies, etc.
  • View the model details
  • Validate the model shows as properly rendered → yes it shows correctly.
  • Log in
  • View the same model
  • Validate the model shows with “Failed to render” → yes it shows as failed.

Looks to me like an issue that requires a bug to be opened.
What say you @TheGuz, @colin ?

Another example of the same would be: Interior design brownstone house | 3D Warehouse

I have the same exact issue. When I am logged in on the warehouse, some of my models has the fail to render message. But if I log out, or copy the embed code, it works fine. Other ones of my models also work fine. This looks like some kind of bug, @colin @TheGuz

These are the models:
the original second temple | 3D Warehouse (sketchup.com)
bed from the times of the Mishnah (updated) | 3D Warehouse (sketchup.com)

FWIW, I have no issues viewing the models in this thread.

I think it is only if you are logged in as the creator of the model, which makes this whole thing very strange.

Yes, I was logged in, but I am not the creator of the model.

@colin, @TheGuz,

Any insights into this? How do we get this progressed?

Spoke to @TheGuz earlier in the week, and he was going to get his team to look into the problem. Haven’t heard how that is going.

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Hi, @colin, @TheGuz,

Checking back in on this. Any feedback yet?

I see @TheGuz in meetings occasionally, including this morning. I sent a link to this post to remind him about the issue.

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Thanks @colin . I trust it will get resolved.

Hi Thomas! Apologies for the delay. I"m hoping this has fixed itself in the last 20 days. I’m gathering up the data to see if we can troubleshoot it. Right now I’m using a Mac (on Venture 13.0.1) with Chrome and I see things fine.

I just tested with Safari 16.1 and everything appeared as expected. If you wouldn’t mind trying it once more this week and I can dive into it deeper if things aren’t working.

To see if it might be account related, I signed out of my normal account and into two other accounts. Everything working as expected.

I just checked, and my models still have the problem when I am signed in, but I sign out and the problem goes away. (I am using Microsoft edge on a windows 11)

Hi @TheGuz. Thanks for following up. The issue is still present. When logged in it gives the failed rendering message. When not logged in it does not. From your testing it also appears that if you are logged in bit it’s not your own model the issue is not present. That should narrow down the issue a bit.

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