3d warehouse Failed to render... but not?


I’ve been uploading a model several times but it continuously fails to render. That disables the 3d viewer, which is a bit of a let-down.

The model in question is: Medieval covered marketplace | 3D Warehouse

What’s odd is that I can actually get 3d Warehouse to display the 3d model


When you’re on the model page, click the “embed button”. From the pop-up take just the part with the URL of the model (that’s the part after “src=”). Pasting that into the browser will show an image and once you click on it you’ll get to the usual render (in full-screen no less).

So what is really failing here? I’m not following. It looks to me like there’s not a rendering failure as much as it’s something else.

Looks like I’m not quite hitting an audience with my question here.
What can I do to improve?

I’m not sure why nobody replied to your post! It seems a clear enough topic.

I have tried setting the model to render again. If it still fails, @TheGuz may be able to get someone to check into what is going wrong.

Thanks @colin. I’ll check back on the file in a bit.

Check now, it seems to have rendered.

Thanks @colin
It does seem like it, for anyone that’s not (me) logged in.
I’ve tried logging out and back in, no change. A bit of an odd behaviour wouldn’t you say?

  • Top Left: Me Safari, logged in.
  • Top Right: Safari private session, not logged in
  • Bottom Left: Chrome, not logged in
  • Bottom Right: Firefox, not logged in.

You could try empty caches in Safari, command-option-e

Hi @colin,

No dice. I tried with a different computer, cleared chaches, browsing history, everything.
Once logged in I still get the “Failed to render” message.

Testedon MacOS with:

  • Chrome: Version 106.0.5249.119 (Official Build) (arm64)
  • Safari: Version 15.4 (17613.

Test steps:

  • Clear caches, history, cookies, etc.
  • View the model details
  • Validate the model shows as properly rendered → yes it shows correctly.
  • Log in
  • View the same model
  • Validate the model shows with “Failed to render” → yes it shows as failed.

Looks to me like an issue that requires a bug to be opened.
What say you @TheGuz, @colin ?

Another example of the same would be: Interior design brownstone house | 3D Warehouse

I have the same exact issue. When I am logged in on the warehouse, some of my models has the fail to render message. But if I log out, or copy the embed code, it works fine. Other ones of my models also work fine. This looks like some kind of bug, @colin @TheGuz

These are the models:
the original second temple | 3D Warehouse (sketchup.com)
bed from the times of the Mishnah (updated) | 3D Warehouse (sketchup.com)

FWIW, I have no issues viewing the models in this thread.

I think it is only if you are logged in as the creator of the model, which makes this whole thing very strange.

Yes, I was logged in, but I am not the creator of the model.

@colin, @TheGuz,

Any insights into this? How do we get this progressed?

Spoke to @TheGuz earlier in the week, and he was going to get his team to look into the problem. Haven’t heard how that is going.

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Hi, @colin, @TheGuz,

Checking back in on this. Any feedback yet?

I see @TheGuz in meetings occasionally, including this morning. I sent a link to this post to remind him about the issue.

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Thanks @colin . I trust it will get resolved.