3d warehouse Failed to render... but not?

Hey Thomas! I’m getting a bit closer to an answer. This particular model:

Was showing a renderbot issue because the USD file seemed to have a problem. That means everything looks fine BUT may not be viewable in AR on Apple devices. Sometimes the conversion of a complex model from .skp to .usd or .glb can be troublesome. We’ll be working to improve that as well as improving the messaging so they are more informative and not just showing a general failure.

Hey @TheGuz,

Thanks for the feedback. Glad the team was able to track down where the issues were occuring. Hopefully this will resolve a bunch of people’s issues. And as a user, Yes, informative error messages are a real boon. I’ll check back in a month or so. Hopefully it’s improved somewhat by then.

Happy holiday season!

HI Guys, I seem to have the same issue of failing to render… I have uploaded a swag of models and some work and some don’t… have posted this reply to permit watching the issue in anticipation of a solution.

We are working on more informative / less alarming messages for the future. Us simply saying “Failed to Render” isn’t as helpful as saying “GLB file failed to render”. I believe in most cases the .SKP file and thumbnail that we’ve always had, works great. Later we began rendering .GLB and .USD files for AR viewing and that conversion process can be finicky sometimes, which results in a “failed to render” message. Let me know if you find something else.

Lastly, the reason you don’t see the “failed to render” message when you’re logged out is because we only want to alert the owner of the model, no the entire world. Everyone else will probably just see that the View in AR button is missing.


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Hi @TheGuz,

Thanks for the update. Much appreciated.

& happy new year!

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