3D Warehouse Why was failed Render?

i come from Taiwan,Can you trouble you to talk to the Trimble official about why the 3D Warehouse model is uploaded for color realization, why has Render failed frequently recently, and why? It was not like this last year before, why is it that the lottery fails frequently, please trouble the official to come forward and explain why it is so good? Please, I’m really annoyed! :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
可以麻煩各位和Trimble官方講一下為甚麼3D Warehouse模型上傳完成進行彩現Render最近為何頻繁失敗到底為甚麼?之前去年都沒有這樣為甚麼現在頻繁彩現失敗請麻煩官方出面解釋一下為甚麼會這樣好嗎?拜託了我真的很煩誒!

So what your mean? Do you have any Solve the problem? I NEED THE REALLY ANSWER OK!

there are 2 renders.

The first one is to see your skp file as a photo. this one is fine.
The second one is to make glb and usd files to see you file in AR. In your case, it failed.

It’s not an issue. TheGuz said they are working on a different error message so people don’t freak out.
Your model is fine. people can download it, use it. The only thing they can’t do for now is see it in AR I guess.

You want to know why, well, they are working on it. And apparently no, right now, they don’t have the solution. It’s an automated file conversion and mistakes can happen.