Failed to open document PLEASE HELP

Hey guys, Ranjani here from India, When i try to open the file the error shows as failed to open document.
Sharing the link below. please help

I couldn’t get anything from the file. I have asked a developer to take look.

Hi Colin,
This has been happening for a while now for other Sketchup models too. I have not been able to recover the files. I really want to know the base problem with the model.

The developer was able to recover the components and materials in the model, but nothing in the scene. Hopefully some of the components will include enough of the model to make it possible to rebuild the scene by dragging the components from the Components tray.

Here’s the file:

Exactly what version of SU are you using? Web or desktop based?
Where are you saving your files to? Your local drive, USB storage, or somewhere in the cloud?

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