Fading Out Texture Not on Face when Positioning

When positioning a texture, is it possible to fade out the texture not on the face a little more?

It’s hard for me to see where the face edges are and the texture hanging off the edges is too distracting. I still need to see it, but it’s almost the same opacity as the texture on the face.

Sorry if this was asked a bunch of times. If so, I’m definitely using the wrong search terms. :confused:

No need to apologize. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen it asked before either.

There isn’t a setting to adjust the amount the texture is faded. Here are a couple of options you might try, though. Temporarily turn on or increase the size of Profile edges to make the edges stand out more or change the edge color to something that is easier to see.

Another thing that might work well for you is to turn off fixed pins and drag them to the corners of the face you have added the texture to.

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Another option would be to temporarily edit the material to fade it out. this could be done the editor in the Materials window. Use the Lightness slider in the HLS settings. Once you are happy with the position, click the Reset Color button.