Face the corrugated iron wave pattern, and also sheet piling curtain

Is it possible to make a face like corrugated panel (wave), like you hatch a face.

So to point on a face, wich will be 3D wave panel?.

2D hatch i understand, but i wordk a lot with steel panels, and it would be very helpful to just have to appoint a waved surface to an face.


It’s difficult to understand what you are asking for. Do you just want a 3D component of corrugated metal? Something like this? If so, you can certainly do that.

No, its like i’ve got a Cube, wich would have 4 sides wave panel, so like hatch i can click on them and they become 3d surface.

Maybe with a Plugin?

If you want the appearance of a corrugated surface, you can do that with a texture. There is an example in the Metal collection. You may need to rotate it to correspond to the direction of lighting.

If you really want 3D corrugation, as @DaveR showed, it’s not difficult to model. The only caveat is to use as few segments in each curve as will give the effect you need - it is easy to bloat a model by using too many.

I’m not aware of any plugins that will do this. You could make or use an existing Dynamic component to create corrugated panels of specific amplitude and width etc. There are a couple in the warehouse.

The easiest way (for me) to make simple panels would be use D.Burs extrude lines. They could always be thickened later with Joint Push/Pull if you had to unless you draw the profiles as faces and use regular PP.

ValiArchitects have corrugated listed as one of their roof details. I forget exactly how it is but you can go the website and see for yourself. I used their roof plugins a lot but I guess I have not done so in a while as my subscription is run out and I can’t check. Last few corrugated roofs I modeled, I just made wave component and duplicated it, like this little shed.

In any case the tool will be wanting you to select a face that is sloped ( a roof face) and it probably creates a new entity (not replacing the original face) so not exactly as you were saying.


Thanks, this will work fine