Corrugated sheet - How would you approach this?

I’m doing a scheme that involves using corrugated sheet material (the rounded type) on quite a few of the vertical surfaces, including a curved bar. It’s a main element of the scheme.

Corrugated Sheet for reference

Tomorrow I am presenting some renders to the client and am still rubbing my chin as to the best method of drawing, presenting and rendering it.

My workflow uses SketchUp and Layout for the entire process, but I’m rendering in Thea and presenting elevations in Layout.

I suppose what I’m really looking for is a tool to draw corrugated sheet along a path. I thought about making a shader/texture for Thea but I’m not confident this will stand up to close inspection, plus It won’t show up on the hidden line elevations (unless I fudge it using a pattern in Layout).

Flat panels of corrugated metal are easy enough but the curved panels will be a little more involved. I’d use Shape Bender to make bent panels from a flat panel. Measure the length of the curve (not its chord) and make a flat panel that is the same width so the corrugation width is maintained. Or probably better, draw a curve whose length is the same as the width of the corrugated panel material you’d spec…

You could also use Flowify to make the curved panels but I think the setup of Shape Bender is a whole lot easier.

Shape bender!

I knew there was a plugin for that. Thanks @DaveR - 1000 internets to you sir!


1001bit (Pro) has a feature for creating corrugated iron geometry from a face.

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So much hope for 1001bit (more like 1001 icons!) but it can’t curve corrugations unless I am mistaken?

Now I’m sad :frowning:

a workaround for this is probably to create corrugation on a large flat piece, then copy and use flowify (or similar) then trim and fit

Thanks to both of you a combo works :slight_smile:

I used 1001bit to make the sheet and CLF Shape bender to do the grunt work… Magic!


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