Face painted, shows white


Very strange. SU has delivered yet another strange system anomaly. One of many. The Entity-Info shows that the face has been painted but the image shows up as white. Everything is on layer0 in Edit Component. I tried to use SnagIt to capture it on video and SnagIt went on the blink. Fixed it and captured the video. I am capturing the .jpg now. This component, 2NDFLOORBLOCKWALLS has lost volume, reverted to group and caused a 1 hour session to turn into 8 hours of catastrophe & that was just from line drawing surfaces of ring beams & lintels & painting them? Even push-pull commands break past the surfaces they are supposed to pierce? It is very annoying. Uploading the .mpg4 is not allowed?

Entity-Info clearly states that it is painted.


Is it painted on the Front side, and what shows is the back (or vice versa)?



Anssi, I did reverse it but was not able to paint it correctly until I erased & re-drew the bottom line in the door jam. Strangely enough I have lost both the top & bottom faces of the whole model as shown the walls are hollow & have been reduced from a component to a group with no volume field. I am closing both top & bottom with rectangle tool but can not delete the inner floor & ceiling faces without deleting the whole top or bottom.


If you share the model or a part of it, it will be less difficult to find the reason in this case.


Yeah Cotty. Will get Dropbox link going shortly. Last day of trial & I am exhausted. The problem was that I had decided to kill two birds with one stone and extrude a block wall & paint the ring-beam on top. Classic AutoCAD SYNDROME I am sure! I would then separate the two by layer later. Unfortunately I also painted in the lintels. :imp: :disappointed_relieved:. Live & Learn, The HARD-WAY. Push-Pull on the walls to the bottom of the ring beam & lintel/header bearings would have been the correct way to create the solid block walls, then the lintels/headers, followed by the ring-beams. Way too many faces snapped fractions out of place.


Hope this works. This is the link to my model in Dropbox. Somebody let me know if it works. I’ll go back & try turning on all the layers except WEST & NORTH & the floor plans which are projection elements.