Eyelid window… brainf.rt…?

Best way to do a tiled eyelid window? :man_shrugging:

A couple of ideas to get started.

Pretty much where I’m at, the organic sweep into curve is what I’m after. Cheers anyway :+1:

Here’s a variant on that idea:

Draw the profile you want for the eyebrow and pushpull it to form a solid. Rotate the solid up to the angle at which you want the eyebrow to fade into the roof, i.e. the slope of its top. Then clip the front off by intersecting with a vertical rectangle so that the front is upright not sloped. Position the eyebrow on the roof plane and intersect it with the roof. Erase the extra part inside the roof.


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The simplest way I can think of is something like this.
Set up the major roof pitch and the curve of the window.

Then, establish the pitch of the dormer and stich in the roof.

Smooth, clean and done.

Also similar to my process but can’t figure out how to gently sweep into the arc as if the roof has been slit & pushed up as in pics. There will be an extension that does it with ease but can’t think which one? Cheers for input

It’s the join of the 2 pieces that needs to blend!

Where I’m at & where I need to be…

Seems like a job for curviloft. Draw profiles at various stages up the roof and then use curviloft to skin them.

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I was thinking the same but flummoxed as to where to start. I’m sure i’ll figure it out somehow. Thanks.

Nope… tried… cant do it? Anyone care to try?

Like this?
Step 5 use Curviloft (used 3 blue curves from step 4)

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Or Vertex Tools by starting with your first idea, except, shear the volume to get the pitch (instead of rotate), and then scale the small end down to almost nothing?

Much better, thanks to all :+1: