Eyedropper Broken in Layout SU22?

You may need to describe again the steps to show a problem. I don’t see any difference between 2021 and 2023. Currently 2022 crashes on Sonoma 14.3, so if you are using 2022 and are still on 14.2.1, don’t update to 14.3! 14.3 also causes crashing in all versions of SketchUp.

That aside, if you are picking up a screen color while inside a group, then colors inside other groups are faded. There is a Document Setup… Groups setting, where you could choose not to fade the rest of the document while editing groups. That way you can pick up the solid color from inside other groups.

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Hello @colin

Sorry I did not check again before asking about an update! I checked again and style picking it appears to be working perfect.

In other words, the Style Tool picks the item on top and the original errant behavior shown below is GONE!

Nov-11-2022 18-05-46

Thanks as always!