Eye dropper on the materials doesn't work

The eye dropper makes the material choice switch to default instead of picking up a material from the screen.

Do you have an example model for us that shows this behavior?

I Can enclose two Screen shots. The first is before using the eye dropper the second after. Can I send my entire model to you?

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If you are picking on a ‘container’ with the default material, rather than a nested face which has a material, then perhaps that is your issue ?

From your screenshot, I would bet that you eye-drop through the section cut?
(if you hide it, it should work)

Okay, it works when ist on a free field. Thank you very much for taking your time for me. These questions do Pop up now and again.
Ikenga Chijioke

Gesendet von Mail für Windows 10

Actually I’ve found that the eye dropper doesn’t work with a flat surface.
It works on a group or component even if they are in a section but not on
a plain rectangle filled with a material in the section.

Thanks for your attention

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