Extruding a sheet metal flange

Hi to all

trying to model a rolled edge, typical of what would be hard tooled in the sheet metal industry

Need to model a triangle 12" X 8 1/2" X 81/2", 1" radius corners, 1/2"x 90 degree extruded edge in 1/8" sheet metal, as per attached image. Does anybody how to perform this ?

This in advance

I can’t tell exactly what your photo shows but I expect you could do what you need by drawing a cross section of the sheet and a path for Follow Me.

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Hi Dave
Your close, the 90 degree inside edge of the triangle needs to have a radius

Put a radius on the corner of the profile.

You didn’t give the radius of that bend so I didn’t draw it. Make the profile with the needed radius before running Follow Me. Otherwise the process is the same.

And before you ask you can extend the profile out further and add the reverse radius to the outer edge to replicate where it is welded to the plate.

Same idea, but is this more the shape needed?


this is exactly what i am looking for, i sketched the triangle, I created the path, but for some reason. flange ends at top angle

This is exactly what i am trying to model ! The question is how did you do it !


Same way as @DaveR showed, just used a different profile in followme. (The warning that pops up is a common occurrance with followme, and if the results look ok it can be ignored). Given the size of the object involved, you might need to scale up by a factor of 10 before doing this to avoid small edges issues.

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