Extruding a face along global axis rather than local


Not sure if this has been addressed already, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.
Is there a way to use the push/pull tool to extrude a face along the global or absolute axes, rather than being restricted to a direction perpendicular to the active face?

That would be the ‘Follow Me’ tool. It extrudes a face along a given path, in your case an edge parallel to the desired axis.

With the Follow Me tool, too, the profile must be perpendicular to the path.


I know that Anssi. If that’s not allowed then he/she is asking for 1+1=3

To add to my previous post, The extrusion will be made with the projection of your profile on a plane perpendicular to the path you use.

Sounds like a task for Fredo, this time with his vector push pull as a part of Joint Push Pull :wink:

Perhaps something like my oldie == “ExtrudeEdgesByVector” == and its siblings …ToObject… ?
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