Extrude curved surface



I am trying to make a model of a rocket ship to be used as custom scenery in a game. The problem I am having is trying to make the fins. I thought I could make the basic outline and extrude it using the follow me tool, only to be told that I can’t extrude a curved surface.

Here is a screen shot of one of the fins:

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


How about getting rid of the rectangle on the side of the ship and using Push/Pull to give the fin thickness?


If I did that, would the edge against the main body follow the curve of the body?


No. It would be straight and pass through the body of the ship. It could be trimmed if it really matters. Since it’s for a game, does it really matter?


I see what you mean, push pull oon the sides as well as the edge facing the ship body. Thanks, I try it.


That’s not what I meant. If you draw the profile of the fin so its edge is on the fuselage and use Push/Pull to give it thickness as I did, the fin will just pass through the fuselage. If there was a good reason to do so, you could trim the fin to the side of the rocket but since this is for a game, is there any point? It will add additional entities and increase file size that probably doesn’t add any value to the game.


That is what I did and trimmed the part inside the body and it turned out OK, thanks for the help.


Good enough. Glad that worked for you.


If you need a solid model, you can use the “Outer shell” function from the solid tools to combine several solids into one…


Before leaving this subject, perhaps it is worth pointing out to the OP that the body is not really curved: it’s a polygonal prism with flat sides, which you can see by turning on Hidden Geometry. Consequently, there really is no shape conflict to resolve where the fin joins the body, provided you take adavntage of the flat-sided geometry of the body.