Extracting information from the entity info pane

I drew this circular fixture and was hoping to extract information from the entity info panel for circumferences of the different circles. I can’t select the smallest circumference as a single entity as it is made up of multiple segments. Maybe I made too many segments in the circle tool. What should I do?

Solar lamp fixture.skp (515.8 KB)

Hi Terry,

Did you create the shape using Follow Me? If so, the Follow Me tool leaves circles, arcs, and curves exploded. I fixed that in this version of your file using an extension called Eneroth Auto-Weld. While not free it is vary useful with Follow Me. When Follow Me is run it automatically welds the edges and in this case makes them circles again. It also works after the fact to repair all the circles.
Solar lamp fixture.skp (532.3 KB)

Right, I drew the profile and then used the follow me tool to trace a circular path.

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Here’s a quick example of using shift to select/deselect parts so you get what you want from a model that is not perfect.
Shift select

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While trying to install the auto-weld extension I found this instruction.

But, in Sketchup 2017, the Extension Warehouse is found under the Window tab, not the Extensions tab. Even so, I couldn’t purchase the download. The session timed out twice on me before the transaction could be completed. And I wasn’t slow.

Yes. The instructions are for the current version of SketchUp in which that was changed.

I don’t know why it would time out. Maybe @colin would have an idea or know who to contact about that.

In the case of Auto Weld, I think you can buy it from the page in a browser, then use Extension Manager to install the extension. The built in Extension Warehouse window may well fail by now.

That does mean that you can’t do the trial first.

Tried again this morning, with Sketchup closed, and the same results. I’m trying to purchase, not go through the trial process. I’m in Canada and was using a Royal Bank Visa credit card.

Hi Colin. Help!

I was able to install Eneroth Auto-Weld extension for a trial period. Now that I want to buy the download I can’t sign in to the Trimble account. My account name is my email address, (email removed), but I can’t remember the password. When I request a new password, it says my new one doesn’t meet the parameters


I’m running Sketchup Make 2017 on a Windows 10PC


There has in the past been an issue if you use two special characters. Make sure to have only one of the characters in your password.

Doh! I thought the red X beside special character meant "don’t use any of these characters.

Even so, when I log on to Trimble and try to pay for the license for Auto-Weld my session times out before completion. I’ve tried it several times and it always times out.

I tried installing the extension, and didn’t see any options to buy it. Where did you go to try and buy it?

After I complete 2.Payments, I immediately get a notice saying the session has timed out.