Circle shape center

I create this shape of a lamp from a circle. Created the convex shape of the glass cover by curve and follow me and then off set the edge of the circle and push pull for the cover.

I notice that after the push pull, the circle becomes segmented and I cannot inference its center for further editing. How should I be doing this?

Follow Me does explode curves. Eneroth Auto Weld from the Extension Warehouse has a feature that automatically welds curves together after Follow Me

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Add two perpendiculars from the center of any 2 segments around the circle.

Their intersection is the center of the circle.


Extension Warehouse: CLF Arc Centerpoint Finder

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That is really useful. Thanks.

seems to be a paid extension? I have the weld tool. Is this the same that appears in the right click menu?

after the segments are welded, does the inferencing find the center?
with a lot of effort I created this badly done model.

‘Weld’ would only make it a curve, not a circle.

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As @Wo3Dan wrote, the native Weld, which you show in your screenshot will weld the edges into a curve. Eneroth Auto Weld will weld them into a circle.
It is a paid extension but considering what it can do, I find the small cost more than worth the time it saves me.

Curic has a free tool that might be useful for your situation. You can check out this video for more information and a demonstration:

Agree DaveR. I shall.

Is this not something that should not be happening in Sketchup with the follow-me tool?

I don’t know if it should happen with the Follow Me tool but it doesn’t natively. There are other things that can explode curves too. This isn’t specifically about circles either. There is other geometry that maybe needs to be welded together in some way.