How can I place a concentric circle on a 'follow me' extrusion?

I have created a shape using ‘follow me’ - it has a circular base.

I want to draw a concentric circle on the base of this extrusion.

I have tried using the hover over the edge for a few seconds and then move to the middle - hoping the circle tool would snap to the centre point but the centre doesn’t highlight - have you any ideas?

It did occur to me to draw the lower circular shape first and then to try to do the follow me on top of that.



Use Offset Tool

You can use Offset as @mihai.s shows or you could just leverage the origin and center the shape on that. Then you have the center point available as the center for the next circle you draw.

Also worth knowing that Eneroth Auto Weld will weld the edges and leave them as a circle.

FWIW, when I model round objects I always work around an axis with the center at the origin. For example this cast crank wheel was modeled that way. The center shaft and the wheel were modeled centered on the origin. Only the crank pin at the bottom was not but I had the center of the hole in the wheel to use instead of the origin.

thanks for the reply and for taking so much time over it. I see what you were doing there.
I decided to draw the circular part first and then to create the follow me profile on top of that. It was a simple enough shape and did work.
Thanks again.

I will keep this in mind.


Hi thanks for the reply - I see you used the origin point too.

Yes, thank you for this.