Problem using Curve Maker extension

I have two problems with “Extensions”:

  1. I installed Curve Maker, but cannot use its “curves” with the “Follow me” tool. I can only select a curve together with its frame and the group is not responsive to the “Follow me” tool.
  2. I cannot properly install the “Shapes” extension. The software tells me that I installed the plugin successfully, but I cannot see it in the Sketchup.
    What I am actually trying to accomplish with either of the above mentioned extensions is drawing a helix coil made of wire. Is there any other way of doing it?

Does anybody have an answer?


It sounds to me as if you aren’t using Follow Me correctly. Explode the curve’s group so the curve is in the same context as the profile you are attempting to extrude.

I don’t know why you need the Shapes extension to draw a coil. It’s entirely possible with Curve Maker and Follow Me. These were done using those two. How did you install the Shapes extension, though? Did you look in the Draw menu for 3D Shapes?

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Hi DaveR. Thanks, that solved the problem. I am just starting my Sketchup pro. I am skilled in SolidWorks, but Sketchup is new to me. I was looking for something like “ungroup”. But its “explode”!
But why cannot I properly install the Shapes? I followed all the extension installation instructions, have the extension seen as “installed” in the list of my extensions, but not in the drop-down Extension list.
Thanks again,

That’s because it shows in the Draw menu as indicated on the extensions page in the Extension Warehouse.

And if you get your version of SU Draw Parametric Shapes from Sketchucation Plugin Store instead of Extension Warehouse it has a range of Helical shapes as well.

However, better only to install one of the two, not both - they can double up the menu entries if both installed

Great, thanks.


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