Extract specific layers only from Trimble Connect IFC file

The export from other CAD-applications to the IFC format is perfect for viewing.
However SketchUp has troublesimporting the large IFC-files.
It would be nice if you could select the layers to import, first.

  • view the IFC
  • select layers to download (eg. only visible)
  • download the converted IFC-file
  • import the reduced IFC-file in SketchUp
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Solved in SketchUp 2023, in Trimble Connect desktop, it is possible to export the current view as TrimBim.
This format can be imported natively with version 2023.

Does Trimbim preserve IFC parameters? I have use iloveifc.com to split ifc files.

Once imported in SketchUp, the data is lost and reverted to native objects.
Half way there.
Haven’t checked for libraries, though…

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