Extract a line from all components

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for a method to copy (extract) one line from all similar components in order to paste them all into a new group.

Someone once told me about a extension that would do that, but i can’t find it anywere.

Does it speak to anyone?
Every help would be appreciated!

Thanks a lot!


Can you not just copy and paste the line/s in question?

I think you will need to attach your model, or an example model (the actual .skp file) here to get the help you need. Or at least a screen shot of what you are talking about.

Maybe this will help, sorry for the confusion.

let say i have 4 copies of a component in the model ( a simple box with a painted face):

how could i copy all the orange face from the component, then paste all of them into place, like this:

In that case, it would not be difficult to do it manually: copy then paste into place each face, from all components, one by one…
But imagine with a hundred of components…

I hope it’s easier to understand!

Select them all, copy them to a new location.
Whilst the copies are still all selected, Right click -> Make Unique
Open one of the copies for editing and delete the bits you don’t want.

In this simple example, I double clicked the face, then inverted selection, pressed delete.


Oh, i never thought of it this way.
It actually helped a lot, it work great!

Thanks a lot, to both of you!

Also. Open the component for editing, move the face, make nested components of the new face and the old cube. Select all instances of the parent component, explode them.


That’s exactly the result i was looking for.

Untill i find the plugin that does it automatically, i’ll do it this way!

Thanks a lot!!


sweet. :+1: