External Warehouse not working

Hi, We run SketchUp Pro 2018. Recently the external warehouse has stopped downloading models. The warehouse opens fine, allows model browsing however when I click ‘download’ nothing happens. Can anyone tell me what might be the problem? Thanks

The 3D Warehouse only supports the latest three versions. SketchUp 2018 and earlier are no longer supported. You can get some components by searching the 3D Warehouse in the Components window instead of using the 3D Warehouse UI. Alternatively you can access the 3D Warehouse in your internet browser, download the Collada file and import the .dae file included in that Collada file.

From August 11, 2021:

And from the Help Center:

This is not a SketchUp bug.

The question about the download button not working, I have pointed that out to the warehouse team. If you can’t download 2018 versions of the models, then maybe the whole page should show a message to tell you that. As it stands the whole page works, other than the download button. I’m not sure what the team will do about the problem.

Meanwhile, you can download models using the Components panel. Make sure to click the thumbnail of the model, and not the text. Clicking the text brings up the 3D Warehouse window.

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Ok Thank you