External faces issues creating solid

Hi everyone,

I am trying to print this little sketch that I drew but the print keeps failing at a certain level, when I run solid inspector on it it shows external faces issues. I have looked at this up and down, left and right and I don’t see anything that could be preventing this from becoming a solid. Can someone take a quick look and tell me what I am missing.

I have saved the file in Sketchup 2017.

Tube.skp (619.4 KB)

The problem is at the circle shown selected. In the model there’s no thickness there. In reality the smaller diameter and larger diamter sections would fall apart.

Either raise the shoulder of the pin or lower the rim of the countersink.

Now I understand why it wasn’t printing when it got to that point.

Thanks DaveR

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Good deal.

FWIW I redrew the part like this.

Let me see if I can do that.

Even if I make the pin without the countersink it still gives the same errors. Mayne I am going about it the wrong way.

  1. I make two circles, one 7.94mm and another in the middle of that with 6mm.
  2. I push pull the 84.74mm area to 41mm.
  3. After its extended I go to the top and click on the 7.94mm and press F and drag it out 5mm.
  4. I click the 327.12mm area push pull that to 15mm.
  5. I then look inside the circle and grab the 6mm circle in the middle and move that 6mm down 3mm to make the countersink.

All this is pretty simple but I cant print it.

What software are you guys using to create those mini videos.

Show us the latest .skp file.

What if you try modeling it the way I did with Follow Me?

I use LiceCap to create the animated gifs.

I am not too familiar with follow me, the skp is pretty much the same that I uploaded. I made this drawing so many times that I can do it all in less than a minute.
Tube_2017.skp (362.1 KB)

Yeah but you aren’t making it in a way that is printable. You’ve got the exact same problem at the point where the top of the contersink merges with the outside of the smaller cylinder.

If you were turning this on the lathe the large part would fall off.

Follow Me isn’t difficult. Draw the cross section profile centered on a circle. Select the circle, get the Follow Me tool, and click on the profile.

Your explanation is good I understand now, let me see if I can fix it.

Here’s a quick follow me version, the part I circle with the mouse is the critical bit.
I threw in the two arcs just to show that follow me will make whatever shape you draw.


You are making look too bad now. I am here struggling on trying to make this tool work and it takes you like two seconds.

Thanks DaveR, I did have to look at your video a few times (many times).

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Sorry!! I meant Thank you Box!

That’s Ok, Dave and I are interchangeable, some say we have never been seen in the same place at the same time.


One last question for the night. After my drawing is complete, the hole at the bottom has to be 6mm, well I noticed that it doesn’t look right. In the middle of the drawing there is still a gap and its not filled in to make the inside 6mm.


The inner corner of the ‘profile’ needs to be 3mm from the center of the circle for it to form a 6mm diameter hole. The size of the circle is irrelevant, it is the distance the profile is from the center of rotation.

If you look at mine, I draw the profile offset from the origin, then place the circle on the origin. So you should have your profile 3mm from the origin.

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I finally got it.

Thanks again

You’re welcome.
Don’t forget my gif is only an animated version of what Dave already showed you.

Here’s a quicky showing how you were originally doing it and what you needed to do to make that work.
Other way


Awesome, thanks for this one. I was having issues with the top hole being too large now.