External component libraries

Hi there

I’m looking for external libraries in sketch-up

For example:

When I own a car factory and build many different cars

and use on all my cars the same tyres …

But one day I decide to use different tyres …

Do I have to change all my drawings ?

But in case I have a link to an external library

then I could just go there to change the Tyers !

Jürgen from Coober Pedy

You can create your own collections of components either on your computer or you can put them in the 3D Warehouse (and share them or make them private as you wish). Then you can exchange the tires or other components in your drawings. You can’t make changes to the drawings unless the files are open but if you make your components correctly, it’s a simple matter to replace one set of tires with another.

You only need to change the tires on the models you wish to change.

Asking to exchange the tires on all of your models without opening them is kind of like trying to change all the sketches in a sketchbook while it sits on a shelf in another room

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