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Can somebody recommend a tutorial video on how to navigate and modify the components library? I have created some components that I wanted to delete but when I call up the components window and select edit, it tells me that it’s an internal component which doesn’t allow me to delete it. Can I access that components folder some other way?

You can edit components only if they are In Model. You can then either overwrite the original version of save it as a new component. The best thing to do is to create your own custom local collections instead of trying to replace or modify the OEM collections. Should you ever have reason to reinstall SketchUp, modifcations you make to the OEM collections will be overwritten.

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When I select an object and then make it a component, where does it go? I just made a component and can’t find it. I assume it should automatically go to a folder somewhere named components? But it’s not in there.

It should show in the In Model components collection. Open the Components window (Window menu) and click on the house icon to go to the In Model collection. You should see it there.

It’ll look something like this.

Of course the component should be present in the model space as well.

It occurs to me to question this statement. Are you trying to delete a component that is nested inside another component or group?

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How do most people save symbols that they create? In TurboCAD when we create symbols they go into a symbols file for later retrieval. Does SU have such a feature? Using components is not so important to me as creating and retrieving individual objects. I just need to store the objects that I create and access them for future models.



Well, then, creating components is important to you. components are the “symbols” you create in SketchUp to save for later use. If all the components you’ve created in the file are ones you want to save for later use, you can open the Details menu by clicking on the button to the right of the search bar in the Components window. Choose Save as a local collection…


Once you done that, you can click on the same button and choose Add to favorites so the collection will appear in the drop down list.

After that, when you want to use a component, select it in the Components window and drag it out into the model space.

If you create additional components you want to save in an existing collection, click on the + icon in the upper right of the Components window to open the secondary pane.

Set one pane to In Model. Set the other to the collection where you want to save the component. Then drag the thumbnail from In Model to the local collection.

Or you can right click on a component in the model space and choose Save as… Then select the desired location and save it.

Ok Dave, I think I got this with your help. Much appreciated. SU is turning out to be way easier and far more intuitive than TurboCAD.


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