Exterior Walls Look Hollow?

Hi All,

The walls on the exterior of the house suddenly look hollow since I fitted the windows and doors, i’m wondering if I have accidentally deleted a line or have an error in one of my groups. I have tried a lot of attempts to fix this but i’m not sure what the cause is, would someone please be able to look into this and let me know the solution?

Thank you in advance!

You have to at least show us a screenshot of what you are seeing. Better, share the .skp file so we don’t have to guess.

Looks like you deleted the top and end face of the wall. Open the groups until you can select the geometry and trace the edge at the top corner with the Line tool to replace the faces.

FWIW you have a lot of exposed reversed faces in the model that should be corrected. You should see no blue back faces.

Make sure you are using tags correctly. All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. I fixed them in your model.
Screenshot - 5_29_2023 , 12_57_24 PM

Also don’t hoard stuff you aren’t using. Purge unused components and materials from the file.
Screenshot - 5_29_2023 , 12_57_41 PM

You should also check components you get from the 3D Warehouse and clean them up. Get rid of excessively large textures and remove elements that don’t add useful information to your project. The cleanup I did reduced the file size by about 63%.

Here’s the reduced file. You’ll still get to fixed the faces.

A floorplan is a horizontal section put on a level that cuts through doors and windows. If you rely on the section fill feature to make walls look solid, this is confused when the section cut goes through window and door components that are set to cut faces. Section fill needs the section cut to be surrounded by cut faces that reside in the same context. If this is the case, a plugin like TIG’s Section Cut Face can be used to put an actual face to fill the void.


Thank you so much for this, so helpful! It is my first time using sketch up so still a lot to learn it seems.

Thank you for reducing my file down, however i can’t seem to see any of the colours/textures that i added to my walls/furniture? Is there something i need to click to make this visible again?

I changed the Face Color to Monochrome to make it easier for your computer to display the model. Go to View>Face Style and choose Shaded with Texture.

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