Exterior building elevations

Hello all,
How can I get in Sketchup true exterior building elevations? Say at a distance of 3 feet away? Not from far away which inserts elements present on-site, that obscure parts of the true elevation. Right now, the elevations I created from Camera>Parallel projection are taken from a distance.
Thank you.

Can you show something that shows what you are seeing?

Are you referring to having something like trees in the model space intervening between camera and building? If that’s it there are a couple of options. One would be to give the intervening objects a tag or tags that you turn off for the elevation. Alternatively you could move the camera to between the building and the intervening stuff and then set the camera to Parallel Projection.

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Try adding a section cut at 3’ away from building façade. That will ‘hide’ everything else that shows up so you can then zoom out as far as you need to see the whole elevation.

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In my typical workflow, I make the site a different file from the building file. The building file has a little bit of abstracted grade just around it to get a grade line, but the building itself is turned into a component, saved out as a component file, and then imported into the site model for coordination. When the building model is edited, a new version is saved out and updating the building component in the site model works like a reference file. The building elevations come from the building model, not the site model, and, in fact, I position the sun for 45° shadows and spin the building component so that all elevations get 45° shadows, even the North side. (I made a post once on it here.)


This is the simplest ‘path of least resistance’ for me.
Thank you.