Extensions and SketchUp versions


hi, new here to Sketchup extensions and plugins :smiley:

I have some doubts:

  1. I see here (https://extensions.sketchup.com/en/search/site/extensions) that extensions are classified by SketchUp versions. What does this exactly mean? that SketchUp 2016 Extensions don’t work in Sketchup 2017, or Sketchup 2015, and so…? Does this imply that all the work of the amateur developers for previous SketchUp versions gets wasted as SketchUp version increase?.

  2. Does Sketchup take into account the existence of extensions for the next versions for keeping them working? or maybe the opposite, to make them unworking to force developers to update their own extensions? lol . Or is just natural incompabilities with the software?



Most extensions work in different versions of Sketchup. But every few years, the version of Ruby used by successive versions of Sketchup changes, and sometimes that breaks an existing extension because Ruby is not 100% backward compatible, or older features are first deprecated then dropped.

Usually, if the extension is still maintained by the original developer, he or she will update it for the new version of Ruby and/or Sketchup. But not always.

And sometimes a new extension can’t work in older versions (or maybe only for a few versions back) because it uses features in SU or Ruby that didn’t exist in older versions.

Does that help understanding of why some extensions may mention particular versions of SU they are known to work with?

If you have the newest version of SU, and an extension doesn’t mention that version, it’s usually worth trying it anyway. It may well work.


thanks, yes, very useful
I have recently installed SketchUp Make 2017, and i was concerned about all those cool previous extensions didn’t work.
Now, I am trying a extension started in 2009 and updated up to 2014, and I think it works (so far). Not sure if it will show some bug in the future… Anyways I’ve got nothing to lose by trying., so extension that I like, extension that I will try, If it does not work properly, either I try to edit it myself with the ruby editor (when I learn the code xD) or it goes to the rubbish :smiley:
thank you


Ok, i don’t know if i am doing wrong, but the extension does not work properly, and it is updated for SU 2017 lol

There are over 550 extension at the Extension Warehouse only for SU 2017 version, so that’s quite enough. I’ve realized that too many extension can slow down the loading of SU when opening it. So I will install only the most useful. I think i gonna desist from installing extensions from other SU versions since I have experienced some conflicts among other tools.


Hi John, try to install as little extensions as possible! Most things extensions do you can also do with native Sketchup tools. And doing them with native sketchup tools is going to help you being a better Sketchup user! It’s giving you a better understanding of the program, it’s limits and possabillities… Offcourse you can later install extensions to do what you can do with native tools to increase speed and productivity. And you can install extensions for difficult or not to do operations right away, but only if you need them. No need to scavenge the extension warehouse for everything you find interresting, just go there when you have a need for them.



thanks for the advice!