Extension that shows hotkeys and mouse button pressed?


Hi everybody.

I’ve seen in another 3D design program an addon that lets you show what hotkeys or mouse button you’re pressing, I think it helps if you’re trying to explain something. Is there any extension that lets you do that on SU?

Thanks in advance.


Probably no, because there is no way SketchUp extensions could do that.

Are you sure it was an addon? There exist applications and shell/desktop extensions for various operating systems that visualize key and mouse presses — useful for screen recorders that don’t provide this.


Yeah, it is an addon, look (but it belongs to Blender):


Thank you for your reply.


It’s possible to use a plugin to open another program, at least on Windows. My one and only plugin years ago was one that would open the Calculator in Windows. I suppose you could write one to open the screencast application to display the key strokes. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it since you could give it shortcut on the taskbar and open it when you are getting ready to record a screen cap video. Why clutter up a SketchUp menu for something like that?


You might find Rolling Reel works for you.
It gives you the last five actions.


Yeah, I guess it’s not worth it. :wink:

There is a free program called NohBoard that shows what keys you press but it’s not so clear than that addon.
Programs to stream or record a video as OBS (Open Broadcaster software) could let’s you add this second program and probably you can configure a layout, if someone is interested.

Thank you both.


@Box, not sure what happened but I didn’t read your last message, sorry, thank you for the info,

You’re right that extension is close what I was asking, but it doesn’t show some things as for example keyboard shortcuts as Control + Z, Arrow keys, modifiers as ctrl/cmd or the numbers you press type when you introduce a lenght or an angle.


Take a look at Carnac: http://code52.org/carnac/
It is not an extension, is a standalone application for windows.
I don’t know if it is the best but so far is the only one fit my needs.
Make sure the option “Shortcuts only” on Appearance tab be marked to avoid that (the renames) and (numbers) appears on screen.
Do not support mouse button click.


Thank you so much @anme.

Yesterday I was looking for a program that shows keystrokes on screen and Carnac was one of them and it works perfect, just I was looking for.

But this is what several antivirus says when I analyze it.


I want to say that the one you propose has crashed after second launch on my Windows 10 (closing the first instace of the program) and no idea why, if I choose debug then I can still using it and it works.

The one I tried was this one:

But setup.exe is identified as trojan by Avast, AVG and Avira.


Maybe it’s a misunderstood because it has to capture everything you type,

I cannot ensure it’s a safe program, so … and this is IMPORTANT, if someone decide to use it, do it under your responsability, not because I’ve tried.

Thank you so much.


I don’t think so. It can be a false positive.
I am using since 2015 and nothing weird happened to my pc.
The developer hosted the source code on Github so… if you or someone understands something about code, it’s possible make a deep search on it.: https://github.com/Code52/carnac

Note: if someone decide to use it, do it under your responsability, not because i use it.


As I said I was about to posted about that software because it works cool and it’s exactly what I was looking for.
There are some others but they’re not so good.

You’re right about … maybe it’s a false positive, in fact, I already executed.
And in certain way, the fact the code is open and hosted in github.com could be considered as a warranty of safe software, it has 428 stars and 111 forks, published issues and things in which the team seems to be working.

Edit: I also want to add that nowadays most of software you can get includes some sort of garbage, not neccesary a virus, but third party software that invades your privacity (it’s only my opinion).


I realized that carnac has a “bug”, it doesn’t show control or shift key if they’re not combined with another letter key. So if someone knows a better program I will appreciate it.


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