Extension Publish Failed

Hello Developers,

I just got approved for a new extension called JointPull+.
When I went to publish it this is what occurred:

The root file and folder have the same name so that’s not the problem.
The extension file is ONLY signed and not encrypted.

It was uploading until a error window popped up.
When I returned to my extensions the extension looked published but the page was blank.
I tried searching the warhorse for it but the extension could not be found.

I tried unpublishing it and got this error:

I would really appreciate some help.

Is this still happening for you?

Yes @tt_su! I am afraid that it could be the loader name. It’s called JointPull+.rb.
Maybe it’s a bad idea to put plus signs in the name!

@JPCodaLot You are correct. It is failing due to the + in the file name. I created a bug ticket. Thanks for letting us know about this issue.