Extension Upload error

When our developer uploads an extension on EW, and an error has occurred.

We checked the file name(contain ‘+’ letter) and the root file and folder. Everything was OK.
However, we cannot upload an extension continually.

Please let me know how to resolve this error.
Thank you!

Can you try making the rbz using 7-zip, instead of the built in Windows compression?

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Thank you Colin,
We made the rbz file using 7-zip but, the same issue persisted.
If there are other languages such as Korean at the file names, could they occur this issue?

I don’t know, but I don’t think so.

We have a few time zone differences between us. But, two people who might know what to do are 9 hours ahead of me. That could mean they will see this message in as little as 5 hours from now.

@thomthom @ene_su could you give an opinion about this?

What date did you try to submit the RBZ?

I tried yesterday.
Actually, I have tried over 2 months. Yesterday is my last trying.
Do you have any idea for this issue?

hmm… I checked the server logs back to May 18th and I can only find your test submission (which worked). But nothing for Framemodeller itself.

Can you open the browser’s Developer Tools console before you submit and see if you get any errors there? I’m wondering if something fails even before hitting the server…