Extension Notification Popups in Sketchup

Does Trimble have a policy for extension developers on use of popup notifications?

I recently installed a couple of extensions from a well known developer and and am now getting frequent [like every couple of hours] unsolicited popups promoting joining their facebook site…

Yes I know I can delete the extensions but I am surprised this is even possible…

PS: I am appreciative of free plugins but this is more than a little intrusive

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Yow! Although there is little Trimble can do if you obtained the extension from some other source, this does seem contrary to what they would allow in extensions from the EW and from what you describe, very annoying! It would be enough to make me remove the extension.

I did :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure I can guess who this is.
I was going to PM my guess but you seem to have blocked PMs.
Oh well.

After disabling them… the popup still appeared… so on further investigation I discovered an specific extension menu under TOOLS that allowed me to"turn off" notifications… so all credit to the developer, even if the control was obscure