[Extension] Ithil Render Tools 3.01 for V-ray 3.*

Hello everybody. I finally finished the new version of the plugin. Now it is compatible with v-ray 3. * version.

Forum topic for the old version, compatible with v-ray 2.*

This plugin was called to help you with this routine work.

Most of simple materials are now create with just one click. Moreover, all similar materials having different color can be grouped and tagged and you can work with them using just one button.

For example: all plastic toys in kids room , all books, pencils on the desk, all magazines and etc. Imagine if you have to set up each of these materials?

Now, with this plugin you can automatically set them up without any problems!

Download from Sketchucation PluginStore

Download from SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Watch the explaining video

SU Version - Developed on SU 2017, checked in SU 2018.
This version should be compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. But I do not have the opportunity to test on mac OS.

Supported render: V-ray Version - 3.*
Not support V-ray Version 2.*
For v-ray 2.* you can use the old version

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