Exporting to DWG to include fills/faces

When I export a model that has faces to DWG it only exports the wireframe. How can the surfaces be included and possibly show as hatches in Autocad? The attached is what it looks like in Sketchup and what I get in autocad.

Faces can be included in a 3D export. They become AutoCad polyface objects.

I’m sorry but I should have mentioned that I need the faces to be exported into 2D AutoCAD file. I use the Export | 2D Graphic and it only exports the geometry and is omitting the faces.

ALi90x2.skp (644.4 KB)
2D-exported.dwg (65.2 KB)

The Sketchup file and the DWG I get after the 2D export are attached. Thank you!

Will this one work for you?
ALi90x2.dxf (1.8 MB)

BTW, I notice some incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 5_4_2024 , 2_33_51 PM
And some stuff to purge.
Screenshot - 5_4_2024 , 2_34_10 PM
There is also a bunch of loose geometry that ought to be grouped.

Thank you DaveR. How did you get that output? I’d love to know how you’ve made that happen. Having said that, the output XDF is better than what I accomplished, but it’s still not fully correct. It looks okay in Autocad in PAPER mode, but in MODEL mode it looks weird, all flat white and missing the logo on the bottom left. Still, if I have to live with that that’s better than a wireframe only. Below is what it looks like in the 2 different autocad modes:

I just got rid of the style with the sky and background colors, set up a scene for the view, and sent the file to LayOut. After setting up the viewport scale and rendering it as Vector I exported a .dxf. I didn’t check it or do anything to your model.

The edges that are missing should be moved to in front of the geometry behind it so it’ll show in the export.