Exporting to .dwg from Layout produces a "tail" on my .dwg title block

Hello SketchUp Community,

I’ve run into a perplexing issue with the .dwg export from Layout. When I produce files in Layout as pdf outputs, everything is perfect. However, the .dwg format presents an unusual “tail” extending beyond the drawing that displays my page name from the Layout Pages tab.

One of the suggestions I received was to use AutoCAD as a workaround to “remove” this tail. While this might be a potential solution, I’m hoping there might be a more direct fix within Layout.

For clarity, attached is a test .layout file, rendered in vector line style. I’m using Ver.23.1.329. Also attached are screen captures of the dwg opened in AutoDesk DWG TrueView 2022. If I check the box for “Export for SU”,

the dimensions, notes and title block open in CAD, but with the “tail”. If I don’t check the box for “Export for SU” I get not dimensions or title block. See attached.

Has anyone else faced this issue? Any insights or solutions would be of great help.

Thank you in advance for your guidance!


DWG TEST.layout (157.8 KB)
DWG TEST.pdf (25.9 KB)

If you use the “Export for SketchUp” option you will need to postprocess the DWG anyway if your viewports are not to full scale. This option produces a DWG of your LayOut page in the AutoCad Model space but to the page scale.

If I don’t use the “Export for SU” option the title block and dimensions don’t show in the .dwg file and that work would need to be duplicated in CAD. I have no experience in cad formats other than importing into SU. So you are saying this is “normal” and to be expected?

With other export options, the items on your LayOut page are placed on AutoCad Paper Space layouts. Whether this is OK depends on what application the DWG is going to be opened with and what it is going to be used for. But my main point was that the “for SU” exports are usually to wrong scale and must be scaled in CAD.

Thank you. I understand that it will come in at 1:1 model space and the person I’m sending it to will have to scale it to the appropriate scale. But what about the “tail” on the title block. Is that normal?

well, I’m gonna take a guess, the “tail” is normal and it looks like it’s basically indication of the page’s name. it could be more subtle, sure, but if you’re on a multi-paged file, it could be quite helpful to see what page is what
Capture d’écran 2023-10-07 à 22.57.33

Yes, the page title is “normal” and you can not turn it off. All options available to the user are there on the Export dialog. I have sometimes, too, requested some more user control but it has not materialized. The title does not bother me, but I would like the “for SU” option to have an user setting for a scale factor.