Exporting Sketchup Drawing to PDF


Hello users,

When I export a drawing as a 2D PDF, I have an issue where the smoothed lines making up edges reappear in the exported PDF format.

In the original view on sketchup they are smoothed out & hidden, giving a clean look

See my image. Is there anything I can do to export like seen on the left, while using PDF format?


Why not use a shape without abrupt changes in surface direction, like the inside of a hemisphere, as your backdrop?


…Or do as they do on television: use a single-curving (wider than your cone of vision) backdrop that curves smoothly from wall to floor?


When you use the SketchUp Pro PDF exporter, what you are getting is a pure vector graphics file. Raster effects like shadows, textures and smooth gradients don’t translate into vector. You can try using a PDF printer driver instead of the PDF exporter, or, as Gully says, construct a backdrop that is curved. Even then the exported backdrop will appear less smooth than on screen.