Exporting Layout to PDF (now requires High Resolution making file huge)

When I export a Layout Doc into PDF the images are now really faint. The only option is to increase the resolution but that results in a crazy big file. Any idea why this has started happening and how to resolve it as my PDFs with higher resolution are too big to email.

Thanks in advance.


This sounds like a graphics card issue. Can you share a LayOut file that exhibits this for you? It would be interesting to compare exports.

In case it helps, a lot of PDF software allows you to reduce file size. I use PDF Expert. It may reduce resolution but it is often undetectable for all practical purposes.

Hi Dave, thanks for that suggestion. How do I share a layout doc with you - attach on here?

Thanks Simon. I have downloaded trial version of PDF Expert and it has solved the problem so a great fix. Although I’d rather not buy new PDF software if I don’t need to. It seems odd that I have never had a problem in the past and now files require this high resolution so I guess there must be some underlying reason…

If it’s not too large you can drag and drop into your reply. If it is too large to upload here, upload to Drop Box and share the link. If the file has any client info, either remove that or share the file privately by clicking my name and then Message.

I thought the cost of PDF Expert was fairly modest and allowed me to do most of what I was able to do when I had Acrobat (which is way more expensive).

I’ll leave @DaveR sort you out about why your Layout file is so big in the first place.

Okay, thanks Simon. I haven’t seen the cost yet and to be fair, it does seem like a nice thing to use.

Hi Dave, it wont let me drag and drop so I’ll get in one drive and share with you. But I am really behind on work having two little boys to home school so bear with me - I will shout you once sorted. Thank you.

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PDF Xchange Editor is also quite adept at reducing PDF files. It is free for personal use and a commercial license costs 39€. At home I have my old Acrobat Pro but my employer has standardized to Xchange.