Layout File PDF export sizes

(pdf for example)
I was wondering the best way to reduce my pdf file sizes WITHOUT reducing the quality of the enscape renders; to make the files easy to open out and about & emailable as an attachment.
I currently do this easily through adobe (29mb to 1mb) but have to create both a high res pdf and a compressed pdf and its quite annoying when you’re making multiple a day/if there’s a better solution where I can do it straight from layout. I have tried the smaller file image compression but it make it look really bad and only made the file 1 mb smaller. Screenshot 2024-03-25 154236
I understand my renders are probably large as I render them out to high - but that’s what I’d like to sell them as.
Bethlehem Grove Toddler Area REV A LOWRES.pdf (885.0 KB)

I would export as normal and then use a PDF editor to reduce file size.

I’m on a Mac so I can use the built in functions but I prefer the PDFExpert app.

I agree. I would also uncheck the “Use JPEG compression…” box. Especially raster rendered SketchUp views get ugly artifacts if it is used.

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