Layout to PDF /Reducing file sizes by pages

Can someone please tell me how to deal with this issue. I have exported a Layout file to PDF. The PDF file size is 17,678KB. I need to upload it online for submission but the Portal says it is too large. I have then tried to Export it page by page and give different page numbers but Layout is adding the pages consecutively in sequence as I go along. Can someone tell me exactly how to export and save this file in manageable file sizes such as individual pages?

17MB does not seem very large these days… Why don’t you upload to Google Drive or Dropbox? and share from there?

The majority of readers here may not understand that the Portal you refer to is not something to do with time travel but in fact the way we upload planning applications and associated drawings here in the UK. It has a piffling 5Mb limit for any one file.

I have Acrobat Pro and that has a very useful feature allowing you to reduce file size. It reduces quality in order to do so but the difference is often not noticeable. There are probably other PDF manipulators that can do this.

The other thing you can do if the file has multiple pages is to split it down into individual pages or smaller batches of pages.

Thank you both for your very helpful replies. I have since established that a bit of serious purging the Layout file has reduced the file massively. Trying different materials and not using them and leaving in the file added up enormously.

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I also use Acrobat Pro (or Standard) like @simoncbevans and find it very useful, as well, to manage pdf output. A further note to readers, from my experience, both LO and SU files enlarge very quickly from a growing material palette.

I open the created PDFs in Photoshop, then reduce the image size resolution, saving as a PDF. There’s no noticeable difference when printing.

Oh, and I create individual PDFs for each sheet, rather than one PDF with all sheets.

wow, 5 Mb limit, BREXIT going to change their mindset ? :slight_smile:

Re PDF’s I use PDF-Xchange Editor… a very good alternative to Acrobat Pro and significantly cheaper…

They May?

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Huh? No.