Size of PDF file from Layout

Here is a simple elevation drawing produced in Layout:

ECHO HILL DIMS.pdf (334.9 KB)

On a Mac, you can print direct to PDF and that is what I usually do because it is quick and simple. However, that produced a file of 3Mb. So I opened it in a PDF reader and then chose Reduce File Size which got it down to a tenth of the size with no very obvious loss of detail.

I guess I should try exporting to PDF to see if I get a similar sized file. But I know with some software, files get automatically optimised for size. For example, if I drag a multi Mb photo file into an email, it gets hugely reduced to ease transfer. Could Layout (in theory) do something similar or is it all to do with being on a Mac, or something else outside Trimble’s control?

And what actually is the difference to an end user of the 3Mb file over the 0.3Mb file I uploaded here? Maybe it would become clear if I blew the image up to cover the front of the White House?

PS Just tried exporting an that does produce a much smaller file.

Theoretically, yes. Optimization would then be part of the third party function LO uses. I have met with the bloat with all the CAD/BIM/3D applications I use. Partly it might be because the export library doesn’t have the function, but another reason could be maintaining maximum editability. Optimizing usually “flattens” the elements on the page, removes overlap etc.

I guess the lesson here is to always use the export facility, which at least keeps things consistent with the PC version.