Exporting jpg to scale

Anyone got a tip on how to export a jpg (elevation of a house for example) to scale? At the moment I export a dwg and a jpg copy and then insert both into AuoCad and then scale the jpg to the dwg version. Would be great if I could just insert the jpg raster image to scale (or at full size) straight from SU export.

What are you doing with the raster image once you’ve got it?

pixels of raster data are dimension less, the length resulting depends on the resolution (dpi) of the output device.

Putting them into an AutoCAD drawing (I don’t use Layout).

Thanks, I’ll have a look at this.

Why not use LayOut? It would be easier to do what you want than what you seem to be doing now.

Whether or not I use Layout is irrelevant to my query and is a kinda waste of time…

One of my extensions help with this. You type in what scale you want and it tells you what height the image needs to be viewed at for that scale to apply. The extension is developed for scaled perspectives so you also need to pick a plane (depth) for the scale to apply to. With a parallel projection however you can just chose any plane since it doesn’t affect the output…


Absolutely spot on, just what I was looking for! I’ll have a look at your other extensions too. Thanks :slight_smile: