How to save jpg in real scale?


In sketchup, I draws the dimension of a space, e.g. a room or a warehouse and I need to export this drawing in scale 1:1 to jpg. How to do that? Using export on Sketchup it save drawing in jpg but it saves full screen. How can I save only the drawing in jpg so I could inhibit the dimensions of objects?

I have problem because after I draw a room then I need to send it to another program in jpg. When this program loads the photo, the dimensions are incorrect

You want to produce a full scale JPEG of a warehouse? Good luck finding a big enough piece of paper!

(Brasil) PTBR - Bom dia Lukas - consegui isto calculando tamanho real com quantidade de pix em cada imagem no Photoshop. Ok?
Boa sorte

yes full scalable but part of warehouse. Max 10m of width

In general, I know how to on a Mac, but not on Windows.

On a Mac, and any version of SU that can print, set up a page size and scale for a print. (If you don’t own a printer capable of large enough paper, you can lie and make a custom size paper, because it’s virtual anyway.)

  1. Use the print command, and either Print to PDF or Open PDF in Preview.
  2. In Preview you can resave as JPG or PNG
  3. Most Mac programs seem to know the scale and size of this image.

SketchUp’s export features don’t seem to have any ability to attach scale like this workflow, so that’s whay I go through the print dialog process even though I’m making a file not an actual paper print.

On Windows or anywhere that doesn’t seem to know what size the JPG is other than so many pixels wide and high, then you have to do some figuring and resize it yourself in the destination program.