Print a quality photo of my model

I’d like to print a copy of my model to use on my website and in a hand-held portfolio. Not everyone I know wants to download a viewer.

The print option does not allow a jpg print. Generally, I email jpgs to a print and copy house, go there and make my prints. But other than downloading this to photo shop (which I don’t have) I see no way to get a quality copy of my model.

Can someone enlighten me, please?

Chris Fischer

Try Export instead of Print. Choose .jpg or .png. Click on the Options button in the Export window and choose the export size you want. The larger the pixel width setting the higher the image resolution. .png files tend to be better quality than .jpg files.


Another possible effect of larger image size beyond the natural increased total resolution is that visible edges will become thiner or finer relative to the overall model. This is true with older versions of SketchUp Pro (such as 2018), I’m not sure how newer versions manage line widths in 2D image exports. I think some more recent version introduced a 2D export feature that allows the user to specify the line width in some manner.

exactly, by default, a line = 1 pixel, like it used to be.

so if you export a 1000x1000 image named A, lines will be 1/1000 of the image, in a 3000x3000 image named B the lines will be 1/3 of the ones in A. by default, bigger image, thinner lines.

these days, when you export, you can adjust the line scale.

Capture d’écran 2023-04-28 à 01.27.42
under the image size, there is a line scale multiplier. by default it’s 1, but if you take my previous example, in image B I could ask a 3x multiplier, and both image A and B would have similar looking lines.

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Thank you, I tried that and it worked. Thanks, Dave.

This is exactly what I ran into, and I gave up trying to convert pixs, and started a new drawing instead. I will keep your instructions handy for future use.

Thank you.

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