How big can we print a file?

Is there a way to print a SU file at 24x36 size and get a good quality printout?
Thank you!!

“Good quality” is a subjective thing.

The best option is to export an image from SketchUp. Use PNG or TIFF to avoid the compression you get with JPGs. Under Options, set the pixel width higher.

Or if you have access to a Mac, export as PDF which is inherently scalable.

Only if exported as a vector file (like the PDF/EPS exporter in SketchUp Pro). Printing to PDF with the “Use high-accuracy HLR” (PC) or “Vector printing”(MAC) option enabled does the same thing. The resulting file has no textures or shadows, though.


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Thank you DaveR. I will try it.

  • The default Image Size shows: Width 1855 and Height 1089. How bigger it could be to increase the quality of a 24x36 print?

  • When do we use the Export> 3D Model?

Thank you.

The increase in size depends on a number of factors. How are you printing it and with what resolution? Maybe try 6000 or 8000 pixels wide.

Use it if you want to export something like a 3D DWG or other 3D file type.