Exporting floor plan in a square, 2D into layout

I drew my house plans and I’m trying to export in to layout to input measurements. I cannot get the drawing perfectly square. any help would be great!

What do you mean by “perfectly square”? Could you share the SKP file?

Not sure how to share, but you can clearly see the lines are not perfectly straight, and then when I’m laying out measurements the measurement lines do not line up on the same plane when I have multiple measurement from the same point or corner.MainFloorLayout.layout (142.3 KB)

So if you look at the top left corner of the house, you can see the lines do not fall on the same plane like the do on the horizontal axis.

Well, sharing the LayOut file also shared the SKP file as it is embedded.

In Sketchup, you need to set the camera to Parallel Projection and the view to Top. I would suggest you then create a scene for that view.

Open the SketchUp file from LayOut by right clicking on the viewport and choosing Open With SketchUp to see the changes I made to the model.

MainFloorLayout.layout (209.0 KB)

You might also find it useful to set a common scale for the viewport which you can do with Parallel Projection.

Sorry i cannot find the viewport. Thanks for answering my question! Now i have fixed the drawing using the parallel projection.

The viewport is the image in LayOut from the SketchUp model.

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