Exporting EPS / vector image from Sketchup model for digital and print media

We are attempting to export a coloured and textured plan view of our model for use in both print and digital media purposes, we would like to do so as an EPS or vector. Unfortunately, as noted in many other forums when doing so we lost the material textures, line, and model details in using the built export 2D graphic tool with EPS settings. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to create a high-quality EPS/vector without losing the detail visible in the model. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how this can be achieved?

Have you tried exporting a .dxf or .dwg from LayOut?

Hi Dave, No I haven’t, obviously I am new to the various file types. As we were asked for an EPS, we were simply working to create this type, will a DXF file retain the textures, while being a vector?

I have now tried to export as a dxf, unfortunately, it does not preserve the finish textures we’ve applied or any colouration. We would like to use the plan with colour and texture in a print brochure and digital media advertisements. Wondering if anyone can suggest the best way to export a 2D graphic for such a purpose?

I would take the model to LayOut, set the viewport to use Hybrid rendering, set output resolution to High and export a PDF file, remembering to turn off Jpeg compression of images. This will give you a PDF with vector linework overlaid on a 300 DPI image. All modern illustration or page layout applications can open or insert PDF files.

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as Anssi said, layout.

If you export a pdf or an eps from sketchup, you’ll get the faces as vector shapes. materials are bitmap photos, not vectors, therefore they are replaced by the approaching colour.

in layout you can indeed ask for an hybrid render, vector lines plus bitmap materials, then export as a pdf.

then if you REALLY need an eps (it’s the case with some older machines), you can open your pdf in illustrator, or inkscape, or even adobe acrobat and export / save as an EPS (or encapsulated postscript)

PDF and EPS are pretty much the same, they are an enveloppe with stuff inside. EPS used to be the go-to format for printing, while PDF is more an all-around format. This is why exporting a pdf or an eps from SU will give you the same result. in a different enveloppe
At some point in history, the EPS was deemed better for vectors and bezier curves if I recall (my print classes dates a bit).

You have to export as 3D dwg to keep the textures if you’re exporting directly from sketchup, even if your model doesn’t contain any 3D object, but as you’ve been told, layout is the best way to do it.

yeah, besides, if you need an eps file for a specific machine or program, making a 3d dwg will be like brewing tea in a chocolate teapot. sounds good, but the end result is not :wink: