Exporting DAE format

Dear all,

My customer has a problem with exporting DAE(Collada) file.
When I exported it and then check the location, the DAE file is not there. (actually, nothing in there.)

I tried to reinstall SU 2019.2 again and updated the graphics card also.

Could anybody help me?

Thanks you in advance.

Check Window->Preferences->Files and open the models folder from there. Anything in it?

Does the problem persist with all files?

Hi again. :slight_smile:
His model folder has the location, and all DAE files he has tried to export were not exported.
Only textures are exporting.

try to export this file (File->Export-3D Model choose ‘COLLADA’

DAETRIAL.skp (270.2 KB)
what happens, then?

I sent the model you uploaded him, and he said he still be able to export texture files only.