Exporting and importing Layers for others to work on

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I have a large and complex model (festival site of hundreds of acres) and I want to export layers for zone design and build managers to work on, then import back into the model intermittently.

I can’t find anything on how to do this anywhere. Am I doing it wrong? is there a more efficient way to organise my model?

I have inherited the model so am reorganising if top to bottom now anyway.

My problem is that each zone of the site (Layer on SKP ideally) consists of numerous buildings, tents, structures, vehicles, furniture etc etc and so is somewhat too complex for a single ‘group’

First, be certain you fully understand the role of Layers in SketchUp.
A Layer in SketchUp is merely a Visibility-ON/OFF Attribute assigned to Groups and Components.
Layers in SketchUp do not separate/isolate geometry from unintentional interaction/alteration.

Read, understand and follow the methods described in this Help Article:
Does SketchUp Support Layers?

If you make a logically named component of the various parts [given its own Layer as desired], then you can select that component and use Save_As to make it an external SKP file…
At that point it might be a good idea to ‘lock’ that component’s instant so you can’t change it in the ‘central-model’.
Others can then open and change the contents of that now separate SKP file.
Later on you can update your ‘central-model’ by using Reload in the Component Browser > Model pane for that particular definition’s icon.
This way you could split the central-model into several locked component-instances which you Save_As external SKP files.
All of the changes being done in the individual SKPs, not the central-model…
Later on you can Reload them back into the central-model as you wish, so that you can image/print them ‘combined’…
The Outliner also allows you to quickly access the component-parts and their own sub-components/groups etc…

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I think I’ve been looking at components wrong, thinking of them as ‘entities’ I guess. I didn’t want to save a whole zone consisting of hundreds of floors, walls, fixtures, fence panels etc etc as a single component but… If I can edit that component as a separate file then it’s a winner. I’m trying it out on a copy version now.

This image shows what would end up being one component in this instance in case that changes your thoughts.

Thanks for the advice

I’m afraid if that’s your take on a component from the above information you’ve totally missed the point.

At the moment Box, that is hundreds of components in various groups, layers and nested layers. I’m looking for a way to give my colleagues access to edit the detail and precise layout of areas of say 100m x 100m and then import that back into the master.

I read TIG’s comments as advising me to turn the collection of components I want to send to a colleague and save them as 1 component…

Can you elucidate?

Working with Large Models — Mitchel Stangl

Thanks Geo. Appreciate the input.

I started nesting / grouping layers after watching this video … which is what led me to the question about exporting layers or groups I guess… as he advices essentially giving almost every component a well labelled layer and then grouping those layered components as layers.



Your team should likely be using the Trimble Connect extension. It is now distributed with SketchUp Pro (not sure about Make.)

SketchUp Help: Managing models using Trimble Connect