Exporting 3D model for use in Wordpress

I am very new to this.
I want to export a 3D file from Sketchup. With model and colours to show the different components of a wooden cabin. The model looks great in Sketchup but when I export to .glb file through extension SKP gITF Exporter it comes through very washed out and over lit. The website opens it fine and it moves and zooms etc but the colours are terrible and defeat the purpose of having different parts in different colours.

Is there a better file type I should be exporting to for colour?
Is there a way to reduce the bright looking lights or washed out colours on the .glb file?

Could we try the model you’re using?

There is a GLB exporter extension, it would be interesting if it exported something that worked better in Wordpress. Try this extension:


Could you try the model? Yes absolutely - how do i get it to you?
I will also try your extension thank you.

If the file is small enough you can attach it in a reply in the forum. If it’s big, use an online file sharing service.

Here is our test area - note the faded colours. 3D File Test | Lifestyle Cabins
Here is the zipped .glb file
Woodside.zip (602.0 KB)

Here is what it looks like in Sketchup -

I hope this helps.
I was hoping to load a 3D model that looks similar to what I see in Sketchup.