Exporting pencil/hand drawn looking 3D files

Hi all

I’m brand new to Sketchup and hoping to use it to create 3D models of the bags I design and make, then use these models to create outlined or pencil drawn models to upload to my Shopify store for use with Augmented Reality.

I just thought it might be worthwhile to check if this is possible, or if the pen styles etc that I can apply to make models look sketchier won’t render in 3D?

I’m using an extension to export models in the .glb format which is necessary for Shopify to recognise for AR.

In addition to this I was also interested creating x-ray.slightly transparent versions of the 3D models so website users could view the bags in 3D and see what laptops etc might fit inside them?

Any ideas or suggestions would be terrific.

Thank you so much


Which version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile indicates 2020 Make which doesn’t exist.

Edges from SketchUp aren’t normally rendered by most rendering applications. I will sometimes export a sketchy but otherwise hidden line images to combine with an image of the model from the renderer. I’m not so sure that it would work well for your AR rendering, though. I doubt the .glb file would support the png images used by the sketchy style. You could give it a try though.

As for the X-ray versions of the bags, you could give the bags a transparent or translucent material.

Edit: I tried it because I was curious. Edges aren’t displayed at all. I set up this model…

…and in the online viewer I used, the .glB file looks like this:

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