Export to .fbx or .obj/ Delete internal boundaries on faces


My question is how to export to other formats (fbx, obj for use in Alias Studio) without losing the quality of the model. So far the best that worked is opening .skp in 3d max and exporting it to .wire file. However it gives me just the completely flat (and flat rendered triangles). When I export straight to fbx from sketchup i get a lot of messed up surfaces, when I open it in Alias.

This brings me to my other question. The model is of a racecar, with stickers (like letters goodyear on the tires) as actual geometry cut out of the shapes, not mapped. Most of the errors seem to occur around these areas. So is there a quick way to delete the sticker geometry (the boundaries on the faces of the body of the car), because im interested in overall shape, the graphics and colors don’t matter to me. Picking and deleting the boundaries of the letters one by one will take ages.

Please let me know if you can help with either. Im a complete sketchup novice, so I don’t know much at all )

Thanks in advance!

Triple-click one of the boundary edges, or use a plugin like ThomThom’s Selection Toys.

These kind of things should have been modeled within a group context, so that the group could have been selected.

Thanks a lot! This plugin really helped. Now if only it could also pick based on the normals direction as well. Anyways, these are great tools. Thanks again!